We are a broker, specializing in the creation, implementation, and management of financial plans for individuals and corporations

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With the increasingly competitive nature of business today it is becoming more and more important for a company to provide their employee’s

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With the increasingly competitive nature of business today it is becoming more and more important for a company to provide their employee’s with the most up to date and cutting edge benefits available on the market. We offer every corporate benefit from all carriers in North America.

Whether you have a special need for that top executive, or you are looking for a benefit’ plan that will insure all your employees in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, we can help. With a full market analysis, will find the right products to fit your needs. Further, we also can consult with you on Human Resource projects and help you find the best benefit strategies for your organization.

A personal, professional, and integrated financial action plan designed to help you in achieving your financial goals is critical to one’s financial success.

Our in-depth and easy to understand approach uses three easy steps; where are you now? Where do you want to go?

And how do you get there? In order to help you plan your finances we work closely with each client to formulate and implement a comprehensive financial strategy – after which we will monitor the progress of each client’s investments, readjusting them if necessary.

Protecting your income, your family’s financial security, your health or your estate can all be accomplished with the right mix of insurance products. We offer a wide variety of insurance products from all of North America’s leading insurance companies.

We can assist you in developing a risk management strategy that fits your personal situation. Whether you need to protect your ability to earn a living or to provide financial security during the worst of times, for your family and your peace of mind, we can help you.

In today’s competitive and fast paced environment, in order to be most effective, you need the “right tool for the job”. Whether its “fundamental”, “technical analysis”, value, growth, or the efficient portfolio theory models we have access to products from around the world, giving you access to all financial markets. We also constantly search out the most innovative new strategies. We offer a complete product line of registered, non-registered, tax deferred, and international investments.


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I have worked with Jamie for two years on my company’s Canadian benefit offerings. Jamie has been a great asset to our company and employees as he has a keen ability to understand where we want to be from a market perspective and to then provide solutions that meet that goal while maintaining the proper cost profile for the company and employees. I would highly recommend Jamie to all!

Kent Pritchett

Senior Director, Global Compensation & Benefits at Red Hat, Company

Jamie helped me find the right portfolio for to meet our needs – a real one-stop-shop! I would recommend him for all your insurance needs. He integrity is unquestionable.

Jeff Bicher

Not-for-profit management, coaching and training

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